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"Love is the central motivation for family history work. Identifying ancestors and performing saving ordinances for them are an expression of love." - Encyclopedia of Mormonism, Vol. 2

What our Students are Saying about the Five Day Class

Thank you for the wonderful training class. It is one of the best seminars I've ever taken. The lectures were clear and right to the point. The exercises that followed were perfect for reinforcing what we had just heard..... So many talented people willing to give of their time made this week so enjoyable. I admire the great brains and the wonderful humor that you all have. How could I ever explain how much I enjoyed the time with you this last week? Words cannot express.... Thank you so much. Thanks to the whole group of you. You are all angels ... brilliant angels and I'm so thankful to have been with you and learned from you. May you be blessed in the work and service that you give. With love and thanksgiving.
Peggy Davis -- Santa Ana, CA

My husband, Charles, and I attended the family history classes in March 2002 and have been busily teaching our ward members since then. It was such a great class -- certainly worth many times, the time and effort to attend. We so appreciate the time and effort of the volunteers, teachers, presenters, etc. We also appreciate the valuable book of materials that we refer to often.
Mary Lou Burgoyne - Bountiful, UT

I recently returned from the week long Family History Training Seminar put on by the Utah South Area Family History Training Center. I just want to tell you what a wonderful week it was and what a great job the staff has done in setting up this course and presenting the material. The information was presented in a very logical, systematic way, followed by one on one help at the computers to facilitate learning at each individual's level. The topics covered were relevant to anyone working in a Family History calling or anyone just wanting to improve their own basic knowledge for their own personal benefit.
Judi Lee -- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I want to express my deepest gratitude to you and your staff for a most wonderful week attending the Utah South Family History Training Center. You are well organized, magnificently trained, and full of love and the Spirit-and it shows. The course was extensive, yet manageable. Having personal trainers for each of us was absolutely the best (and they knew the material too). I can't believe how fast the week went by and now I am excited to get those ancestors, who are in need of help, blessed by submitting their names and doing the work...Thanks again for your training and inspiration.
Ed J. Pinegar - BYU 20th Stake President

My wife June and I want to thank you and all of your associates for the instruction you gave to us while we attended your classes. It was the most outstanding workshop we have ever attended. We came home with a great desire to work on our family history. I have found it to be very helpful in my calling as a Family History Consultant in our Ward.
William Davies - Bakersfield, CA

First, let me thank you for the single, most significant training exercise I have ever attended. When one contemplates the eternal perspective, it is easy for me to make such a statement. (I've attended my share of training exercises in over 45 years of military, education, and Criminal Justice arenas.) Again ... from the bottom ... top ... and inside of my heart and soul ... I love you people ... my ancestors are rejoicing and pushing on my Spirit to get to work.
Wayne L. Wickizer - Mountain Home, UT

This was the BEST training I have ever attended, in or out of the Church. I have worked in retail and was a trainer and manager. I attended business seminars and training, including Symposium for Seminary and this training was the BEST I ever attended. It was well organized and they covered all aspects of training, focusing on the computer. Everything from beginning input data into PAF all the way through doing a Temple submission. I was blown away by the organized way they taught each subject, and the following computer lab, always with someone right at your side. Each lesson built on the previous lessons.
Bonnie Petrovich - Valencia, CA

It is worth your time to spend the week in Provo at the Utah South Family History Training course. I was there in May and had a great time. The team is experienced and very knowledgeable. The time is well spent and never gets boring. I considered myself an intermediate/advanced ward FHC when it comes to knowledge of programs. Yet, I still learned something new everyday and had fun while doing it. I was especially impressed to be in a room with 22+ other people who really cared about doing a good job as an FHC and doing it right. There is no quick fill in the blanks and take the name to the temple. Rather, correct research principles are taught and strongly encouraged. These instructors are excellent and the one on one training was great. At no time was I bored in spite of the long days. And you certainly cannot get this kind of training anywhere in or out of the Church for $40!
Margie Beldin - Kennewick, WA

We were very impressed with the quality, dedication, and versatility of the staff. The well-planned presentations certainly held our interest. The staff always had the very latest available information on family history, from which we benefited. This has to be the finest family history course in the Church. I have not heard of any other that has been organized in this superb way. Other courses try to address the needs of many, the Utah South Area addresses the needs of the individual student. In our opinion, your course is by far the most effective way of teaching family history. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to partake of this inspiring experience.
David and Betty Loveless - Salt Lake City, UT

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