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Youth Activities

The Utah South Area Family History Training Center offers family history activities especially for young people. These experiences help them learn to do and love family history.

The list below describes the activities which are available. To schedule an activity, please contact the FHTC at 801-356-9114.

Activities for Primary Age Youth (ages 8 – 12)

I Am Who I Am Because . . . An Introduction to Family History

Through activities and games, youth will discover the doctrine of temple work. They will learn who they are by learning who their ancestors were, and how their ancestors' lives can affect their own.

The Book of Me . . . My Journal

This class offers super cool ideas to help youth have fun writing in their journals. It teaches them how keeping a journal will bless their lives.

Cub Scouts

We can provide help for Cub Scouts with the following:
  • The Cub Scout Heritages belt loop (which is an option for the Webelos Family Member Activity badge)
  • Bear: Achievement 8a, 8d
  • Wolf: Elective 21a

Activities for Young Men and Young Women (ages 12 – 18):
The Story of You

Discovering Who You Are

This class teaches youth how to use the Family Tree web site, including the popular fan chart.

Footprints of Your Ancestors

Youth will learn how to gather information on their ancestors and write their stories. They will learn how to discover their ancestors' stories through documents even when journals do not exist.

Sharing the Spirit of Elijah

This class teaches how youth can share their talents and skills with others through volunteering.

I Look Like . . . I Act Like . . . Who?

In this class, youth will learn how to personalize ancestors by adding their photos and stories to the Family Tree web site.

Family History is a Family Affair

Youth will discover how to involve the entire family in building their family tree, adding photos and stories, and using documents. There's a branch for everyone.

Boy Scouts Genealogy Merit Badge

Boy Scouts can get help with accomplishing this significant merit badge.

Young Women Personal Progress

Young Women can receive help with accomplishing the Individual Worth Value Experience.

Grandpa/Grandma — You Did What???

Participants in this class will be able to make a video recording of an interview with a grandparent. They will take home a DVD. They can interview other family members too, and compare different generations' answers to the same questions.

Big and Little Tales of My Life — Capturing Life Snippets and Applying Gospel Principles

This class will help youth capture in their journals the fun in their lives and the choice moments with others. It will also give them ideas for planning personal growth and recording the experiences they have on this journey.

Who Are Those Kissin' Cousins?

This class shows youth how to find ancestors when Grandma says all family lines are done.

What Participants Are Saying About Youth Activities

Picture of youth doing family history

"Thank you for taking time to teach our ward how to do family history. It was a great help." (Jessica)

"Thank you a ton! I learned a lot and had a ton of fun." (Bryce)

"Thank you for letting me learn about my family. It was interesting." (Bryanna)

"Thank you for the time and service you did for us. I had a great time there." (Luke)

"The training was awesome. Thanks so much." (Peter)

"Thank you so much for you time and help. I'm grateful for your kindness. I learned so much and had a great time." (Holly)

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